International Journal of Integrated Sciences & Technology
Section-A: Physics
1. A. S. Mollah                                                                                                                      1-10 Download
PCTRAN: Education Tool for Simulation of Safety and Transient Analysis of a Pressurized
Water Reactor
2. M. A. S. Bhuiyan, S. Mahmud, R. Rahaman, R. K. Das and H. Ullah                       11-15 Download
A Study on the Optical Properties of Co-evaporated CuInSe2Thin Films for
High Efficiency Inorganic Solar Cell
3. J. Hossain, A. T. M. S. Azam, M. A. Khatun and M. Rafiuddin                                16-23 Download
Study of a Heavy Rainfall Event in Bangladesh Using Global Satellite
Mapping of Precipitation Data
4. J. Sultana, N. Nahar, D. Paul and I. Ali                                                                         24-29 Download
Measurement of 226Ra, 232Th and 40K in Papaya Grown on the Bank of
Rupsha River, Khulna, Bangladesh and its Impact on Human Health
5. S. Saha and N. Akter                                                                                                        30-36 Download
Study the Relation between Environmental Convective Available Potential Energy and
Convective Inhibition with Tropical Cyclones Intensity Change Over the Bay of Bengal
6. S. Kabir, A. K. M. R. Rahman, M. Muniruzzaman, M. M. Uddin, S. Barua and H. Murad                                                                                                                                                            37-43 Download
Study of Toxic Effects in Soil Samples at Sitakunda Ship Breaking Yard by using AAS
Section-B: Chemistry
7. M. A. Rahman, N. Rahman, M. T. Uddin and M. A. Islam                                         44-54 Download
Treatment of Rhodamine B Contaminated Wastewater Using Lagerstroemia
SpeciosaLeaf: A Potential Low Cost Adsorbent
8. M. Akter, S. Monira, S. M. M. Rahman and B. A. Begum                                          55-62 Download
Seasonal Variations of Particulate Matter, Black Carbon and Organic
Carbon to determine the Status of Air Quality at Narayanganj and
Munshiganj in Dhaka, Bangladesh
9. S. Monira, M. Akter, S. M. M. Rahman and B. A. Begum                                          63-68 Download
Air Quality Characterization with Respect to Airborne Particulate Matter
in Nawabganj, Dhaka
10. M. M. Rahman, C. Saha, N. Y. Monika and M. T. Uddin                                         69-74 Download
Tailoring the Photocatalytic Efficiency of Activated Carbon Doped
Commercial ZnO on Rhodamine-B Dye
11. S. Rabi, H. A. Mia, S. K. S. Hazari, T. G. Roy and M. A. Manchur                         75-86 Download
Nickel(II) Complexes with N-pendent Macrocyclic Ligands: Synthesis, Characterization
and Antimicrobial Activities
Section-C: Mathematics
12. D. Roy, M. A. Samad, M. S. Alam, S. M. Q. Hassan and M. A. K. Mallik 87-96 Download
Simulation of Monsoon Low Pressure System and its Associated Rainfall over Bangladesh
Using WRF Model
13. A. Hoque, S. Dhar and S. Banerjee                                                                             97-107 Download
Double Differential Cross-Sections for Ionization of Metastable 2P State Hydrogen Atoms
by Electrons at Intermediate and High Energies
14. S. Banerjee and S. Dhar                                                                                                108-114 Download
First Born Triple Differential Cross-Section for Ionization of H(3d) by Incident Electron
at Different Energies

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