Center for Environmental Science & Engineering Research

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Welcome to our Center for Environmental Science & Engineering Research

The Center for Environmental Science & Engineering Research (CESER) is the oldest center of CUET focuses the research on the environmental hazards that threaten to us, developing capacity for environmental research in order to support environmentally sound development programs in the country. In this regard, the center is working for developing local environmental manpower and expertise in order to enhance the economic growth of the country without damaging the quality of the environment, to promote and provide facilities for offering consultation services to development agencies and partners in matters of environmental relevance. The center is committed to develop an environmental management information system (EMIS) within the center to facilitate collection and dissemination of information and training materials to institutions that train environmental professionals. The center is also working to help in formulating the codes of practices for cleaner and greener environment.

Prof. Dr. G.M. Sadiqul Islam