International conference on Physics for sustainable development and Technology

( December 18 -19, 2019 )

Full paper Submissions:

Instruction to author

3rd ICPSDT-2019 Proceeding

(i) Manuscript:

The original typescript for a full paper and Review article should be typed with double spacing and a wide merging. The title page should contain title, author (s) name, address(s), abstract and keywords. The main text should start on a new page. All pages should be numbered. The paper must be divided into sections such as 1. Introduction, 2.Materials and Method, 3.Results and Discussion, 4.Conclusions with numbers, bold and lower case with first one upper case letters. The sub sections should be numbered as 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, etc. (if any). Title of Acknowledgement and References should be bold and lower case with first one upper case letters but no number is required. Manuscript with original figures (the Text in MSWORD 2007 and pdf version with Times New Roman font and 11 font size and the Figures in post script files) should be sent to the Editor-in-Chief through the e-mail address:,

(i) Title: The title should be brief and yet convey to the reader the particular nature of the contents of the paper with bold and lower case with first one upper case letters and 14 font size.

(ii) Address:The name(s) of the author(s) should appear below the title in boldface uppercase and lowercase letters (e.g. Md. Ashraf Ali). The affiliation(s), and address(es) should appear below the author(s) name. The font size for author(s) name, affiliation(s) and address(es) is 11 point Times New Roman font and centered. Corresponding author should be indicated by asterisk and appeared with e-mail address below the affiliation. Author Name(First name, Last name)1, Author Name(First name, Last name)2* 1Name of the Dept., Name of the Institute, Postal address 2Name of the Dept., Name of the Institute, Postal address *Corresponding author: e-mail address

(iii) Abstract: An Abstract of less than 200 words is required. It should contain the essence of the result achieved. The title Abstract should be written in capital letters, bold and the text of the Abstract should be in normal letters with 11 font size.

(iv) Keywords: Appropriate Keywords (not more than five) must be provided for indexing and information retrieval services.

(v) Text and Formulae: In the preparation of text, the authors should pay attention to the language (usage of words grammar and construction of sentences), logical presentation, enumeration of assumption made, justification of approximations made etc. and all the limitations must be stated wherever and whenever necessary. Moreover, a paper must be self–contained, its presentation being clear, concise and satisfactory. Displayed formula should be numbered and typed unambiguously, vectors, special symbols, superscript and subscripts etc. should be identified with proper signs in the manuscript. Microsoft Equation Editor should be used for equations in the paper. Equations should be numbered consecutively with numbers in parentheses flush with the right margin, as in (1).

(vi) Figures and Tables: The number of figures should be kept to the minimum. Each figure must be placed in proper place in the text, be numbered and have a caption. Axes of figures must be labeled properly. All figures/images should be given in EPS/JPEG/PSD format. Each table should have a number and a self-explanatory title and must be mentioned in the text. Figure and table number should be like Fig. 1. XRD pattern of some…..and Table 1. Values of concentrations…………

(vii) References: All reference referred to text, table and figures of a manuscript must be combined in a single list, numbered consecutively in their order of first appearance and arranged in the some order at the end of the text material. They should be cited in text by Arabic numerals in square brackets at appropriate place of sentence, for example [1,3], [4-6] etc. The references cited should limited to the absolute minimum and the list to be submitted in a separate sheet containing names of all authors (et al. is not allowed). They should be as complete as possible and be presented as follows:

[1] U. Fano and A.R.P. Rao, Atomic Collisions and Spectra (New York: Academic) Vol 1, ch 2, sec 4, pp-25 (1986).

[2] T. Atsumi, T. Isihara, M. Koyama and M. Matsuzawa, Phys. Rev. A 42, 6391 (1990)

[3] T. Le- Brun, M. Lavollee and P .Morin, X-ray and Inner Shell Processess (AIP Conf.Proc.215) eds T.A. Carison, M.O. Krause and S. Manson (New York: AIP) PP-846 (1990).

[4] S.B.Hansen, K.B. MacAdam and L. G. Gray 12th Int. Conf. on Atomic Physics (Ann. Arbor) Abstracts pp-12 (1990).

[5] H. Pauly Atomic and Molecular Beams Methods eds G Scoles, D Bassi, U Buck and D. Laine (Oxford University Press,London) pp-83 (1988). [6] W. Fritsch (Private Communication) (1988).

[7] K. B. MacAdam (in press).

[8] T. Ando, Ph.D. Thesis (Tohoku University, Japan) (1992).

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Please mention Full paper in the subject of the mail.


All conference papers submitted to the 3rd ICPSDT-2019 for publication must record original work which has not been published previously. All submitted paper plagiarism will be checked by the Turnitin software.

Review Policy

3rd ICPSDT-2019 is committed to publish high quality research work. All papers submitted to ICPSDT-2019 will be double blind peer-reviewed by at least two reputed international researchers in the relevant field.  Paper acceptance decisions will be primarily based on originality, technical merit, contributions, and relevance to the conference theme.

Multiple Submissions:

Papers submitted to ICPSDT-2019 for review must not submit simultaneously to another conference or journal, or for other forms of publication. Once a case of such submission has been established, the paper(s) in question will be immediately declined for publication by the ICPSDT-2019.