International conference on Physics for sustainable development and Technology

( December 18 -19, 2019 )


1. Materials Physics

Semiconductors, Dielectrics and Organic Materials, Spintronics,

Magnetism and Superconductivity,Composite and Ceramic

Materials,Advanced/Engineering Materials, Crystal growth, Surfaces,

Interfaces and Thin Films, Polymers,Amorphous Materials and

Nanomaterials etc.

2. Atmospheric, Radiation, Nuclear, Reactor and Plasma

Physics and Applications

Laser Physics, Plasma Physics and applications, Optoelectronics and

photonics, Applied and non-linear optics, Nuclear and Reactor Sciences

and Engineering, Atmospheric Physics and Meteorology, Environmental

Radioactivity and Irradiation effect, Nuclear Safety and

Radiation Protection etc.

3. Engineering and Industrial Physics

Physics of energy transfer, conversion and storage, Environmental

Physics, Sensors and Device Physics, Micro and Nanoelectronics,

M/NEMS, Nanomechanics, OptomechanicsImagining, Microscopy and

Spectroscopy, Wireless, Optical and Mobile Communication, VLSI

Design and Fabrication, Electronic Devices and Quantum Computing.

4. Topics in Physics Education Research

Physics curriculum design, Active learning

techniques,Classroomteaching, demonstrations and laboratory experiments etc.