Robo Mechatronics Association Bangladesh (RMA) is a non-profit volunteer  organization, runs by the extra-ordinary robotics enthusiastic minds of  Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology (CUET),  Bangladesh. It is the largest robotic research organisation of CUET. This organization spreads the knowledge of robotics,  automation & designing (CAD) in all over the country.
In every month  RMA arranges a short or a day-long workshops, where prominent  scientists, professors & specialists from all over the universities  share their knowledge and train the enthusiastic minds as well. RMA  encourages country's youths'​through different national level &  district level competitive platform every year. This organization is working hard to change the present technological  scenario prevailing in Bangladesh. RMA believes- the best way to change future is to invent it. Cherishing  that motive inside, all of the members are pushing hard to take it to  the next level.

Website: www.rmabd.org
Email: rmabd.official@gmail.com
Contact no: +8801741267876