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The Department of Civil Engineering of CUET is committed to academic excellence in Undergraduate and Post-graduate education and research in a broad spectrum of disciplines in Civil Engineering as well as in multidisciplinary areas concerned with the planning and management of infrastructure and other built environment. This department contribute directly to humanity‚Äôs continued health and well-being by planning and designing system that provide potable water free from disease-carrying waste, transportation, housing and other structures and by mitigating and reducing both natural and human made hazards. 

The Civil Engineering study programs emphasize basic knowledge as well as applications. It incorporates the current frontiers of technologies as well as the learning of efficient and versatile algorithms and methodologies. The department also stress properly synthesizing technology, planning and management in civil engineering systems, keeping in view the impact on environment and in the changing of social and economic conditions of the country. In addition to undergraduate and post graduate teaching and research, the department of civil engineering endeavors also to serve the industries, public and government. 

Civil engineering is a multidimensional educational discipline, which applies technical skill and humanistic perception in solving problems related to the creation, preservation and advancement of civilization. Almost any solution to every societal problem has some connection with civil engineering including the development, utilization, and control of resources for the benefit of human beings. Modern civil engineers conceive, design, construct and operate physical structures, develop and utilize natural resources, and plan public works for the future. With a view to achieve the above-mentioned goals, the department of civil engineering prepares graduates for playing leading roles in infrastructure planning and development at the civil environment. The department also aims at providing graduates with advanced knowledge and intellectual stimulation to meet the challenges in the development of a modern society. 

Currently, the department has 32 faculty members among which 17 were PhD holders and rest of them were having basic civil engineering degree from well-reputed universities. Besides the teaching responsibilities in the department, some of the teachers of the department are also engaged in other administrative positions of this university. 

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