Department of Civil Engineering

Message from Head

The Department of Civil Engineering at CUET is committed to academic excellence in Undergraduate and Post-graduate education and research in a broad spectrum of disciplines in Civil Engineering as well as in multidisciplinary areas concerned with the planning and management of infrastructure and other built environment. The department is one of the most leading and prosperous branches of this university. It has a bunch of faculty members who are competitive in their research and teaching in different fields of civil engineering.  
The department incorporates the current frontiers of technologies as well as the learning of efficient and versatile algorithms and methodologies. It is evident that the field of civil engineering is subjected to rapid change and to cope with the recent advancement in this field, we have been relentlessly trying to update course curricula from time-to-time. We are dedicated to provide innovative and high-quality opportunities for our students to acquire the fundamental knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for entry and success in the professional practice of civil engineering fields. 
In addition, the Department of Civil Engineering endeavors to serve the industries, public and government sectors. The services are undertaken through publications of research paper, consultation, product standardization, certification, laboratory testing, structural analysis and design with computer modeling, project research and professional development activities etc. 
Finally, I welcome you all to the Department of Civil Engineering 

Dr. Md. Moinul Islam



Phone: 01713-109966