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Welcome to the Department of Chemistry

Our department provides an environment in which all who work there can achieve their potential to shape the academia and industry by conducting fundamental research in chemistry and developing technologies. Through the 50 years long history of the department, students of various engineering disciplines are given excellent opportunities to acquire insight of chemistry as the central science and learn basic theories as well as experimental skills necessary for performing job in advanced technology and engineering. Since 2009, the department introduced postgraduate programs for the students to obtain M.Phil or Ph.D. degrees in order to become leaders in advanced chemistry. The department has also initiated graduate program for M.Sc. degree from 2017. The department seeks for students in graduate and postgraduate programs who love chemistry and look forward to working with you.

Besides education, the department is also persistent in its effort to provide technical assistance through testing and consultation services as a part of our commitment to the industry, the society. We believe it also develops our expertise for meeting the technical challenges of the twenty first century, both at home and abroad.

Once again, welcome!

Dr. Ranjit Kumar Nath


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