Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Our Laboratories

The state of the art of laboratory facilities in the Department of CSE provides a mechanism for the students to gain hands-on experience that will aid their understanding of the engineering and scientific theories taught in their classes. The Department has following laboratories: Microcomputer laboratory, Communication laboratory, Multimedia laboratory, Hardware & Networking laboratory, Microprocessor & Interfacing laboratory, Electronics & Circuit laboratory, and Natural Language Processing laboratory.

•Computer Laboratory

The Microcomputer Laboratory is well equipped with 45 high-end workstations and servers and enriched with high speed internet connectivity. This laboratory provides facilities to conduct sessional (practical) classes of various courses like Web Programming, C/C++, Software Engineering, Data Structure, Database Systems, Numerical Analysis, etc. Every year the department of CSE organizes a number of programming contests in this laboratory.


•Networking & Communication Laboratory

The Communication Laboratory has a number of modern equipment’s such as Modulator-Demodulator tools, Fiber Optics communication tools, GPRS Modems, etc. From this laboratory students acquire the basic knowledge of 2G Technology (GSM, CDMA), 2.5G Technology (GPRS, EDGE), 3G Technology (UMTS), etc.


Microprocessor & Interfacing Laboratory

The Microprocessor & Interfacing Laboratory has various interfacing equipment’s to facilitate the experiments exhibiting the computer control over industrial process. It has a range of microprocessor trainer kits and PLC trainer with software including data inputs simulator and terminal. Moreover the laboratory possesses Robotic arms by which the students can perform human-robot interaction related experiments.


•Multimedia Laboratory

The Multimedia Laboratory has apposite settings of high configured workstations, multimedia projector, scanner, digital camera, video capturing tools, sound systems, etc. Here the students have unique opportunity to broaden their knowledge in the amazing world of multimedia technology.


Hardware & Networking Laboratory

The Hardware & Networking Laboratory consists of 45 high-end workstations, different series of routers, switches, Modems and various kinds of modern equipment’s. It provides facilities to conduct laboratory work relevant to the course of computer networking and internet applications.


•Electronics & Circuit Laboratory

The Electronics & Circuit Laboratory contains various electronics equipment’s for designing and implementation of digital circuits. It has large collection of ICs and trainer boards.


•Operating System  Laboratory

The OS Lab is equipped with 40 high configured workstations, multimedia projector, scanner, digital camera, video capturing tools, sound systems, etc. The majority of the computers in the lab run on Windows 10, but the lab also has Linux machines. The laboratory exercises will include familiarization with UNIX system calls for process management and inter-process communication; Experiments on process scheduling and other operating system tasks through simulation/implementation.


Compiler Laboratory

A newly equipped Compiler Lab is established which contains 30 high configured workstations, multimedia projector, sound systems, etc. Sessionals on compiler design, artificial intelligence are done through implementation.


Robotics Lab

The Robotics Lab at the Department of Computer Science & Engineering focused on interdisciplinary research applied to the state of the art autonomous intelligent robotics and human-robot interaction. A modern Robotics lab is established with high configured workstations. In the Robotics Lab, both students and teachers can do their research in several areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Human-Computer Interaction, Machine Learning etc.


•Mobile Games & Apps Development Centre

Mobile Games & Apps Development Centre is established in CSE Dept. for making students more specialized on mobile development field. The lab is highly equipped with Mac devices, Android smartphones, Mac Book, Personal Computer etc.. Already a few seminar and training programs were held on mobile games and application development in our Dept.



A modern “Fabrication Laboratory” (Fab Lab) was opened at Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology (CUET) to facilitate practical education along with theoretical ones. The laboratory enriched with different modern equipment including Three-D Printer, CNC and PCB Milling Machines, Laser Machine and Vinyl Cutter. FAB LAB CUET has open access for all the students of CUET.