Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Our Mission & Vision


The vision of this department is to become a leading computer science and engineering department in home and abroad with the state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities in order to foster the technological, economic, and social enrichment of the nation and the world and establish itself as a center of excellence at the national and international level.

  •  To provide quality education primarily in the undergraduate level in CSE and allied fields and train the students to effectively apply this education to solve real-world problems, thereby contributing towards the benefit of our country and the humanity.
  • To conduct high quality state of the art research primarily at the postgraduate level with an aim to advance knowledge of CSE and ICT fields and cultivate human talent for the welfare of mankind and apply this knowledge to support and influence national and international agenda.
  •  To build up a vibrant research community comprising of faculty members, students and thus advancing the state of the art for the benefit of society by developing new ideas in research and inventions.
  •  To exploit the computational and research potentials of the south-east region of the country and lead the country in information technology by collaborating with the key academic and industrial partners within and outside CUET.