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Department of Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is established to strive for excellence through the creation, preservation, transfer, and application of knowledge to her graduates. The engineering education in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, CUET is respected and valued for its research and education quality at both the national and international level. Along with an exceptional undergraduate program, here a substantial program is offered at the postgraduate level aimed at meeting the needs of industries and thus contributing to the economic growth of the country. The engineering education in the Department of Mechanical Engineering covers a wide range of courses including electronics, computing, information processing, industrial management, robotics, control theory, etc. along with core mechanical engineering courses. The main objectives of this department are to maintain a high standard of mechanical engineering education through excellent teaching-learning and innovative curricula that reflect the changing needs of the society, demonstrate and disseminate research outcomes through publications and undertake collaborative research to create opportunities for long term interaction with academia and industries. The Department of Mechanical Engineering is proud to have dedicated faculty members with high qualifications and accomplishments. The department’s state of the art facilities and instrumentation provide the support tools for comprehensive educational and research activities. The course curriculum is updated regularly to provide quality education and moral values and to cope with the recent advancement in the field of engineering. The graduates from the Department of Mechanical Engineering have been very successful and have risen to distinguished positions in the industry, government, and academia at home and abroad.

Prof. Dr. Sheikh Muhammad Humayun Kabir



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