Department of Mechanical Engineering

Our Laboratories

The department of Mechanical Engineering provides outstanding facilities for laboratory work with modern equipment to enrich the undergraduate and postgraduate engineering education of the students. The laboratories are well-equipped and are being constantly upgraded to keep pace with time. The facilities are geared towards the needs of the students in anticipation of them working in many industries, locally and abroad. The laboratory facilities provide sound environment for doing research activities at postgraduate level. Our laboratory facilities consist of the following laboratories:

Ø  Incompressible Fluid Mechanics & Fluid Machinery Laboratory

Ø  Compressible Fluid Mechanics & Renewable Energy Laboratory

Ø  Thermodynamics & Air Conditioning Laboratory

Ø  Heat Transfer Laboratory

Ø  Heat Engine & Automobile Laboratory

Ø  Strength of Materials Laboratory

Ø  Applied Mechanics Laboratory

Ø  Metallurgy & Metrology Laboratory

Ø  Computer Laboratory

Ø  Mechatronics & Control Engineering Laboratory

Ø  Robotics & Research Laboratory

Ø  Postgraduate Research Laboratory

Ø  Drawing Laboratory

Ø  Workshop (Machine shop, Woodshop & Sheet metal shop)     

1. Incompressible Fluid Mechanics & Fluid Machinery Laboratory 

The laboratory contains equipment to design and conduct an experiment on fluid properties, flow characteristics, and fluid machinery. Facilities are available for investigating the fundamentals of fluid statics as well as kinematics and kinetics of fluid flow to enhance the hands-on experience of our students. The Laboratory is equipped with a test set-up for experiments pertinent to fluid mechanics, pumping machinery, and fluid power systems. The laboratory includes:

·         Bernoulli’s apparatus

·         Centrifugal pump test rig

·         Reciprocating pump test rig

·         Hydraulic power plant

·         Radial blower test rig

·         Series & parallel pump test rig

·         Hydraulic test bench

·         Fluid friction test bench

·         Laminar & turbulent flow bench

·         Kaplan turbine

·         Pressure calibration set

·         Pelton wheel & Francis turbines

2. Compressible Fluid mechanics and Renewable Energy Laboratory

Compressible fluid mechanics is the major subject of Mechanical engineering, which is involved to experiment on compressible fluid flow characteristics such as shock wave, sonic & subsonic flow. Which is the fundamental consideration to design and fabrication of nozzle, compressor, and aerofoil, etc. The laboratory includes:

·         Subsonic wind tunnel

·         Nozzle flow apparatus

·         Nozzle performance test rig

·         Centrifugal compressor rig