Department of Mechatronics and Industrial Engineering

Welcome to the Department of Mechatronics and Industrial Engineering

The use of Mechatronics system and industrial product automation is inevitable to enhance the productivity and the growth of national economy. And, it is a matter of time that all industries are going to be replaced by automated technology to achieve the vision of knowledge based industry in Bangladesh. Therefore, to meet the technological challenges, study and research in the field of mechatronics and its application to industrial processes has become important issue in Bangladesh. CUET is always devoted to spread knowledge and little bit more conscious about the present demand of technologies. CUET has also 2020 vision to extend its education and research fields by opening a good number of new departments. Considering these aspects, CUET has launched the Department of Mechatronics and Industrial Engineering (MIE) in 2015. In undergraduate program, 30 students are admitted in the department of MIE each academic year through common admission procedure of CUET. An engineering job is interlinked with multidisciplinary fields. A Mechatronics and Industrial Engineering concentration area in the curriculum supports the synergistic integration of precision mechanical engineering, instrumentation, electro-mechanical systems, electronics control and systems, the commissioning, the operation, the maintenance, the repair of intelligent products and processes, and effective and quality management.Therefore, education in Mechatronics and Industrial Engineering is balanced and well-rounded. The engineering education in CUET is respected and valued all over the nation. In accordance with the advancement of engineering curriculum of CUET, the Department of Mechatronics and Industrial Engineering has also been persistently trying to build stronger academic curriculum and laboratories from its inception. This will certainly help graduates to possess comprehensive knowledge and expertise on contemporary practices relevant to the development of efficient manufacturing systems and their effective management. With rationalized course curriculum and advanced tools and teaching method, the capacity of graduate will reach to the international level and the students will be able to perform high standard professional activities. The department of Mechatronics and Industrial Engineering will be the center of innovation, heart of sophisticated industrial design, and hub of market driven research activities. Studying Mechatronics and Industrial Engineering takes graduates to a range of career opportunities around the globe.

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Mizanur Rahman