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A project entitle "Hybrid Connectionist Models to Assess the Rock Permeability Using Core/Log Data" has been received by Dr. Mohammad Islam Miah (Project Leader) and Mohammed Adnan Noor Abir (Member), which is funded by Directorate of Research & Extension (DRE), CUET.

Welcome to the Department of Petroleum and Mining Engineering

The Department of Petroleum and Mining Engineering (PME) offers Bachelor of Science in Petroleum and Mining engineering which is one the top university level programs among the engineering universities in Bangladesh. This discipline is founded in March, 2010. 30 students are enrolled in this discipline every year. The department has a good number of quality faculties and has very well organized and enriched lab facilities.

The mission of the Department of Petroleum and Mining Engineering is to guide all efforts aiming to build, sustain, incorporate, convey and apply petroleum and mining engineering knowledge, and to augment the human resources of these disciplines and thus to help ensuring the nation an energy-secure future that balances environmental impact and affordable energy supply. The vision of the department is to stay put as the number one petroleum and mining engineering program in the country, so that its graduates are globally admired, respected and fit-for-purpose professionals within the industry.

To fulfill this mission, the PME department committed to pursue excellence in Well Logging and Formation Evaluation, Well Drilling and Completions, Reservoir Engineering, Production Engineering, Integrated Reservoir Characterization, Fit-for-purpose Reservoir Management Techniques, and Mining Engineering including Mine Surveying, Rock Mechanics, Mining Systems, Mine Planning and Design, Rock Blasting and Explosive Technology with balance environmental impact. To accelerate the journey of this department world distinguished petroleum software development company Petroleum Experts Ltd. has donated the equivalent of £2,584,803.70 to the University providing full package of Petroleum Experts' suite of programs (IPM suite). The department also got the generous contribution from the KAPPA Engineering and Fekete Associates getting the full suite of their petroleum engineering software.

Students of PME department gain practical experience and first-hand knowledge of many aspects of petroleum and mining engineering through close proximity to industry in the country. Oil and gas fields, coal and hard rock mines, their production sites, compressor stations, mineral processing industry, geological outcrops all provide through modern, well-equipped laboratories within the department and the University. Students are urged to gain field experience through field visit and internship in the industry. Besides studying, students of this department are encouraged to take part in extra-curricular activities. The CUET SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers) student chapter has started its journey in 2017. This chapter organizes networking and knowledge sharing events that help the student to stay in touch with the petroleum world.

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