Department of Urban & Regional Planning

Our Laboratories

In order to provide practical knowledge about Urban and Regional Planning, modern sophisticated facilities have been established for BURP students. Some of these facilities are:

URP Data processing lab (Capacity- 30 Students)

URP data processing lab serves substantial computing and data processing facilities for undergraduate students and is used for teaching data management related courses of BURP program. Besides, undergraduate students can do their course related work/project at office time. It contains 30 high configured PCs with the full suite of software (SPSS, Microsoft office package, AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, Adobe Master Collection etc.), Multimedia projector with electronic projector screen and internet facilities.

URP Studio Room (Capacity- 30 Students each)

There are two spacious studio rooms in the department. The size of the studio room is about 2,400 sqft. (80 ft by 30 ft) and designed such way that students get proper light for their sessional works. Each contains 30 drawing tables, 30 student cabinets and multimedia projector with automatic projector screen. This studio room is used for taking the undergraduate courses like Graphics for planner, Basic Design, Cartography, Site and Area Planning, Presentation and communication techniques etc.

GIS & Remote Sensing Lab(Capacity- 30 Students)

There is a newly established GIS & Remote sensing Lab for teaching GIS, Remote sensing & photogrammetry based courses of BURP programs. Undergraduate students also can use it only for their course related work/project within office time.  Main equipment of the Lab. is given below:  

  •       High configured PCs (30 Nos.)
  •       Photogrammetry work station (2 Nos.)
  •       Multimedia projector with electronic projector screen
  •       Plotter
  •       Hand GPS

Surveying & Cartography Lab

A newly developed surveying and cartography lab is fully functioning in the department with proper facilities (digital theodolite, high precision total station, digital level machine, compass, instruments for chain survey, instruments for plain table survey etc.) to conduct survey related courses.


All the facilities available in our department have quick and easy access to our students. They also get good supervision from their course teacher and other supportive faculty member in using these facilities and also for their. They can also get high speed internet facility in their respective hall. We are expecting that a seminar room will be developed for our student very soon. Beside the departmental facilities, our student can easily avail other on-campus facilities such as availing books, report and journal from central library, using central auditorium for seminar and exhibition purpose etc.        

To make the study enjoyable, different field tour, study tour and cultural events are organized. Also to encourage our student and also to express their inner talent different exhibition, seminar and URP day are arranged academically.