Department of Urban & Regional Planning

Other Informations

Research Policy and Program
Department of urban and regional planning has strong commitment to academic research. At present the department has only undergraduate program where Research works on different fields of urban and regional planning are carried out by the students under the guidance of faculty members. The under graduate research program is carried out under the course project/thesis (URP 400) that cover throughout the level -4 (term-I & term-II).  In this level, two students are allocated in a group to each faculty (generally a teacher heaving at least M.Sc. degree) as a supervisor according to their interest field of study. The field of study covers in Housing, Land-use Planning, Transportation and Infrastructure Planning, Environmental Management, Regional Development, Rural Planning and other related fields. At the end of first term, the students give the presentation on their research proposal before Board of Examiners (an expert team) where they generally present the objectives, scope, tentative methodology, data source and expected outcome. In the end of the final term, a complete report is submitted to board of examiners and an oral presentation and viva are also taken by them. In addition to oral presentation, the project/thesis report is examined by external (selected by board of examiner) and internal examiner (supervisor) to complete the overall assessment.

Other programs that are organized in connection of research program include:
(a) Arranging seminar, workshop, training program, exhibition, poster presentation etc.
(b) Faculty members are encouraged to present seminar papers and publish articles in different national/internal journals. Faculty members get travel grant (for both home & abroad) for presenting research articles/papers.

Fund and Facilities
Undergraduate research funds are provided to the department by the University as a part of the annual budget. Most of the funds are estimated for purchasing data and conducting survey. Student can use the departmental library containing BBS reports, previous year thesis reports, student sessional reports, books, journal etc. Besides there are two laboratories, GIS and RS Lab and data processing Lab for students who can utilize those for data processing and analysis.

Fund Hunting
To receive fund from the university prescribed procedures are followed. The university has a central committee headed by the Vice Chancellor to distribute the fund. Besides, the faculty members use to apply for national and overseas funding with prior permission from the university authority. Recently a research project name ‘Bangladesh Resilience’ has been conducted under the supervision of University of collage London.

Dissemination of Research Findings
The researches carried out in the department are presented regularly in departmental seminars/workshop at national level. Besides, a copy of undergraduate thesis has been kept in both university central library and departmental library to disseminate the research findings. In addition, the students attend the various national/international conferences organized by different University/Authorities to discuss/shear their research findings. They also publish their articles in different journals.