Department of Water Resources Engineering

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Population growth and economic development continue to place increasing stress on global water resources, stresses that stem primarily from rising consumptive demands for limited supplies and increasing contaminant loads to natural waters. This growing population and need for clean water at everywhere demands specific professional on Water Resources Engineers to develop solutions that are environmentally sustainable, economically viable and socially acceptable. In view of that, the Department of Water Resources Engineering (WRE) has been established in CUET with the vision of producing the knowledgebase to tackle the challenges in a scientific and engineering way. Despite considerable advances in technology and engineering, managing and protecting water is still a challenge in particular to Bangladesh context. River erosion, deterioration of waterways are major concern for the development of river system in the country. In addition managing floods, droughts and climate change related disasters are becoming more challenging issues for water resources management and development. Proper utilization of water resources has become the fundamental element of the strategy to improve the quality of life in Bangladesh, contributing to sustainable development of the community and thereby reducing poverty and sufferings. Mainstreaming Water Resources Engineering knowledge in the core of Civil Engineering field is a time worthy demand for the society now-a-days. To satisfy this basic demand, the WRE Department of CUET offers Undergraduate Degree Programme to impart education towards an understanding of the complexity of water use and water resources engineering problems by offering a balanced curriculum, covering both engineering and management aspects of water resource development. Our aim is to teach students to acquire knowledge and hand on practice tool and techniques to come up with viable and sustainable solutions. Graduates from this department will be able to face the current challenges of securing water and effectively deal with spatial and temporal variability and uncertainty of water.

Prof. Dr. Asiful Hoque



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