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Welcome to our Institute of Information & Communication Technology

IICT aimed to promote and provide facilities for post-graduate study in ICT for graduates from various disciplines, to actively pursue advance research in ICT in order to develop knowledge- based products and services, to produce manpower and expertise in ICT by carrying our training in diverse areas for those interested to step in profession as well as those already engaged in the profession. To achieve the aims and objectives, the Institute is performing under two wings; (i) Academic Wing and (ii) System and Support Wing. Through System and Support section we promote 24 hour connectivity to internet in all the academic buildings, administrative building, students' halls and residential area via wifi and Broadband with 70mbps Bandwidth. We facilitate all the above places of the university to be connected by optical fiber. Furthermore, the bill payment online system for the teachers and employees of this university was developed by the experts of IICT. In real term, any software requirements of the University are developed and maintained continuously by the experts of the Institute. Academic section of IICT offers some different ICT based training programs to enrich manpower suitable to current job market. Among Those Training programs some are Web development, CCNA etc. At the same time, IICT will offer postgraduate diploma (PGD) in ICT to develop skilled professionals who will contribute to the nations' economy to develop the nation. Besides, other ICT development related workshops, seminars and events are arranged by the academic section to encourage people in ICT field. The highly qualified faculty and officials of IICT remain always in continuous quest to keep the pace with rapid development in IT and the world market demand by introducing new schemes of studies. This is an overview of our aims and activities. To evaluate our activity in deeper level be touched with us in all phase of ICT development program.

Dr. Mohammed Moshiul Hoque



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