International Collaboration

One of the prime objectives of CUET is to develop research links, partnership and collaboration programs for finding optimum technological solutions of problems and promote higher education and research. Thus, the university signed agreements with the University of Kassel, and University of Stutgart, Germany; the University of Ulsan, Korea and the Yamagata University and Saga University of Japan, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand to accelerate the higher education and research activities. In addition, CUET joined with the International Forum of Strategic Technology (IFOST), a forum of 11 universities comprised of 8 nations and South East Asia Network for Disaster & Environmental Engineering (SEAN-DEE). Moreover, the university started program with joint collaboration with the IHE-UNESCO, Netherlands. The Earthquake Engineering Research Center (EERC), CUET started joint collaboration and research programs with the Institute of Earthquake Engineering & Engineering Seismology (IZIIS) of University St. Cyril and Methodius, Skopje, Macedonia.