Jhutan Chandra Kuri
Assistant Professor
Field of Interest

Geopolymer concrete Concrete durability Sustainable utilization of by-product materials in concrete


Master of Engineering (Structural Engineering), Hokkaido University, Japan

B.Sc. in Civil Engineering, CUET



CE-203    Engineering Materials

CE-211    Structure I: Mechanics

CE-223    Building Services I: Plumbing

CE-315    Design of Concrete Structure-I

CE-329    Elements of Civil Engineering Structures

CE-100    Civil Engineering Drawing


CE-200    Details of Construction and Estimating

CE-318    Structural Analysis and Design-II


    CE-352    Environmental Engineering



Best Young Researcher Award, International Conference on the Regeneration and Conservation of Concrete Structures (RCCS), Nagasaki, Japan, June 1st – 3rd, 2015

Japan Government Scholarship (MEXT: MONBUKAGAKUSHO), 10-2013 to 09-2015 

Engr. Khurshid Anwar Memorial Award, 2010

Scholastic Achievement Award-2009, Metropole Scholarship

Bangladesh Technical Board Scholarship (2006-2010)

Board Scholarship for Secondary School Certificate Examination Result (2003-2005)

  Junior Scholarship (Talentful), (2000-2003)

Serial NoTitleAuthorsInformationsYear
1Investigation on Alteration of Hardened Cement Material due to Elevated Temperature by Non-Destructive Integrated CT-XRD MethodTakafumi Sugiyama and Jhutan Chandra KuriSpring-8/SACLA Research Report, Vol.5, No.1, 100-104, 2017(in Japanese)2017
2Leaching of Cementitious Materials: A ReviewJhutan Chandra KuriAsian Transactions on Engineering, Vol.5, Issue5, 2015 (ATE ISSN: 2221-4267)2015
3Life Cycle Optimization of a Light Weight Steel Building: Effect of Different Insulating Layers, Glazing Type and Window ShadingMd. Refat Ahmed Bhuiyan and Jhutan Chandra KuriInternational Journal of Science, Environment and Technology, Vol.3, No.6, 2058-2068, 2014 (ISSN 2278-3687 (O)).2014
4Investigation on Cracked Cement Paste Subjected to Water Flow by Non-destructive Integrated CT-XRD MethodJhutan Chandra Kuri, Takafumi Sugiyama, Takashi Hitomi and Kentaro KajiwaraInternational Conference on the Regeneration and Conservation of Concrete Structures (RCCS), Nagasaki, Japan, FF0103, June 1st -3rd2015
5Application of X-ray CT to the Observation of Cracking in a Corroded RC Bridge SlabJhutan Chandra Kuri, Idrees Zafar and Takafumi Sugiyama2nd International Conference on Tomography of Materials and Structures (ICTMS 2015), Quebec, Canada, Paper ID: 051, June 29th - July 3rd2015