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Dr. Nur Mohammad has expertise in electricity market model for the future smart grid, transactive control, renewable energy (PV and wind) integration, frequency regulation, energy storage management, maximum power point tracking, demand-side management, electricity pricing, auction-based demand response mechanism design, convex optimization, bi-level optimization, game theory, power system network economics.

Field of Interest

Smart Grid Management, Application of IoT in Power Systems, Smart Metering and Pricing, Home and Building Energy Management, Power System Economics, Economic Load Dispatch, Power Systems Simulation, Transactive Energy and Microgrids Optimization, Distribution Electricity Market Modeling, Electric Vehicle Charging and Energy Storage Management, Demand Side Management and Demand Response, Mathematical Programming and Optimization , Bi-level Optimization, Mathematical Problem with Equilibrium Constraint (MPEC), Game Theory.


PhD in Power System Economics, Demand Response, MSc Engg and BSc Engg in Electrical & Electronic Engineering. ORCID iD icon


 Professional Membership 

  Institute of Engineers Bangladesh (IEB)

  Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)


 Award and Scholarship

 QUT Postgraduate Research Award

  QUT Top Up Excellence Scholarship

  Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 


 Courses Teach - The content and schedule details are referred to Google Classroom

 EEE 6211: Optimization in Power System Operation [MSc] [Academic Calendar]

 EEE 6206: Power System Operation and Control [MSc]

 EEE 6000: Thesis [PhD, MSc, M. Engg.]

 EEE 471: Switchgear and Power System Protection

 EEE 481: Power Stations

 EEE 485: Renewable Energy Conversion

 EEE 491: High Voltage Engineering

 EEE 351: Electrical Power Transmission and Distribution

 EEE 352: Electrical Machine Design

 EEE 361: Power System Analysis

 EEE 363: Control Systems

 EEE 6211: Power System Operation and Control [MSc]

 EEE 353: Measurement and Instrumentation

 EEE 473: Semiconductor Physics and Devices

 EEE 241: Electromagnetic Field

 EEE 400: Thesis [BSc Engg.]


  Additional Responsibilities

 Postgraduate Course Coordinator, Dept. of EEE

 Assistant Provost: Shahid Mohammad Saha Hall

 Student Advisor, EEE

 Member, Bureau of Research and Testing Consultancy (BRTC)

 Ex-Member, Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project (HEQEP)

 Editor,  Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, (JEEE)


 Review and Copy-Editing Activities 

 Have editorial contributions to review for proceedings in conferences and following academic journals.  The detail is referred to Publons Profile

         IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

         Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

         IEEE Industrial Informatics

         IET Smart grid

         International Journal of Renewable Energy Technology

         Journal of Solar Energy Engineering

 Involve in revising and correcting written material to improve language, technical accuracy and making it ready for publication.


 Recent Research Activities  and Supervision

 Smart GridDemand-Side Management using Dynamic Pricing and Feed-in Tariff

 Residential Load Scheduling using the IoT for Distribution Power System Automation

 IoT based Control of Appliances for Smart Home to Reduce Electricity Consumption

 Transactive Load Control for Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC)  in Industry

 Optimization in Power System Extension Planning, Operation and Control

 Economic Operation of Interconnected and Cross-border Power Systems

 Grid-Connected DFIG to Regulate Power System Primary Frequency and Voltage

 Simulation of a Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) System and its Impact on Power System Stability

 MPPT Algorithms for Harnessing Power from PV and Wind Energy Converter System

 Security Constraint Economic Load Dispatch Problem for Reliable Electricity Supply

 Energy Mixing, Pricing Policy: Future Scenario for Sustainable Development

The detail research area is referred to ResearchGate Profile  and GoogleScholar Profile


 Consultancy and Expert Services

 Protection of  Hotel Alliance and Resort Limited, Agrabad  against Damage from Lightning Stroke

 Aerial Cable-Car Tourism Project nearby Teknaf river, Cox’s Bazar

 Design of 200 MW Power Plant in Cox’s Bazar

The details testing and consultancy  activities  provided by the EEE department and its faculty can be accessed through  testing-consultancy-services


 Endorsement for Higher Studies

 PhD Program at University of North CarolinaCharlotte, USA, for Atiqur Rahman (2019)

 PhD Program at West Virginia University, Virginia, USA, for Tanmoy Chowdhury (2018)

 MSc Program at Tuskegee University, Alabama, USA,  for Jahidul Islam (2018)


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 Calls for Papers - submit to:

    ECCE, February 2019 in Coxs Bazar, Bangladesh [Archived]

          The accepted and presented papers are archived into IEEE Xplore

   IET Smart Grid

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        Scholarship for Higher Studies


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Postal Address: 

Dr Nur Mohammad

Associate  Professor,

Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,

Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology (CUET)

Raozan, Chittagong-4349, Bangladesh


Cell: +8801710610152, Tel: +88031714920~22, Ext. 2511

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2The Role of Demand Response Aggregators and the Effect of GenCos Strategic Bidding on the Flexibility of DemandNur Mohammad, Yateendra MishraEnergies, Vol 11, No. 12, DOI: org/10.3390/en111232962018
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