Jitu Prakash Dhar
Assistant Professor
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About Myself

Thinking large for being the ultimate winner. Living large for the betterment of the universe.

Field of Interest

Neural Network, Fuzzy Logic, Artificial Intelligence, Optical Communication & Digital Signal Processing


  1. B.Sc. in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (CUET)
  2. M.Sc. in Electrical & Electronic Engineering(CUET)

Serial NoTitleAuthorsInformationsYear
1Melanoma Diagnosis from Dermoscopy Images Using Artificial Neural NetworkSharmin Majumder ; Muhammad Ahsan Ullah ; Jitu Prakash DharICAEE2019
2An imperceptible & robust digital image watermarking scheme based on DWT, entropy and neural networkJitu Prakash Dhar, Md Saiful Islam, Muhammad Ahsan ullahKarbala International Journal of Modern Science2019
3A fuzzy logic based contrast and edge sensitive digital image watermarking techniqueJitu Prakash Dhar, Md. Saiful Islam, Muhammad Ahsan UllahSpringer Nature Applied Science2019
4An Efficient Fire Sprinkler System Based on Ultrasonic Distance MeasurementJitu Prakash Dhar, Md. ManjurulGani and Md. Saiful IslamInternational Journal ofStructural and Civil Engineering Research2018
5Ultrasonic Ride Height Monitoring of Automobile by Cross-correlationMd. Manjurul Gani, Jitu Prakash Dhar, Dr. Md. Saiful IslamJournal of Environmental Science, Computer Science and Engineering & Technology2017
6Economic Feasibility Study of an Optimized Hybrid Energy System for Chittagong Hill Tract Region of BangladeshJitu Prakash Dhar, Mrinmoy DeyInternational Research Journal of Advanced Engineering and Science2018
7Utilization of the Image Processing Concept for Serially Communicating an Image in Li-Fi Environment Using MATLABJitu Prakash DharInternational Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research2017
8Barriers of biomass energy and their potential solutions for remote areas of BangladeshJitu Prakash Dhar and Adharaa Neelim Dewanjee3rd International Conference on Electrical Information and Communication Technology2017
9High Performance Cost Effective Formalin Detector Using Conductivity PropertyAdharaa Neelim Dewanjee, Mrinmoy Dey, Muhammad Rashedul Haq Rashed, Anik Muhury and Jitu Prakash Dhar4th International Conference on Advances in Electrical Engineering2017