Dr. G. M. Sadiqul Islam
Dr. G. M. Sadiqul Islam
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Dr. G. M. Sadiqul Islam is a Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering, Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology (CUET). Additionally, Prof. Islam is serving the university as Head, Department of Architecture. His diverse experience in the fields of Civil Engineering including i) construction industry (design and implementation); ii) teaching and consultancy at CUET; and iii) collaborative research with companies in Japan and United Kingdom. He is a Life Fellow of IEB and member of American Society for Testing and Materials and American Concrete Institute. Prof. Islam obtained Japanese Government prestigious Monbukagasho scholarship to pursue Masters (major in Structural Engineering) Degree from Hokkaido University, Japan. His PhD study at University of Dundee was supported by prestigious Dorothy Hodgkin Postgraduate Award (DHPA) from Research Councils, United Kingdom and United Kingdom Quality Ash Association. Prof. Islam has published around 40 technical papers in national and international journals and conferences. He is also reviewer of few prestigious international journals including i) Construction and Building Materials of Elsevier publisher, ii) Materials and Structure of Springer publisher, iii) Journal of Testing and Evaluation from American Society for Testing and Materials, iv) Journal of Hazardous, Toxic and Radioactive Waste from American Society of Civil Engineers, v) International Journal of Sustainable Engineering from Taylor and Francis, vi) Engineering Structures of Elsevier publisher, vi) Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids of Elsevier publisher.

Field of Interest

Cement Chemistry; Durability of concrete structures; Corrosion monitoring of reinforced concrete in marine environment; Sustainable concrete construction; Applications of fibre reinforcement in concrete; Structural retrofitting and strengthening and Porous concrete; Indoor Building Environment.


a)  PhD in Concrete and Construction, University of Dundee, United Kingdom;

b) M. Engg. in Built Environment, Hokkaido University, Japan; and

c) B. Sc. in Civil Engineering, (CUET).

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