Project Components

To create SAEN-DEE and make it sustainable beyond 2015, yearly one week long workshops are organized by different partners to discuss all major issues and produce documents that outline its strategy (detailed project plan in annex 2). When establishing ReCEDEE such workshops were vital to its success and are therefore an integral component of the SEANDEE project.
Verifiable outcomes of the 4 workshops will be:
1st Workshop at CUET, Bangladesh:
SEAN-DEE officially inaugurated, Master Plan to coordinate teaching and exchange within the network drafted.
2nd Workshop at CDS, Nepal:
Infrastructure Master Plan for each SEAN-DEE partner drafted, long term strategy on securing student and staff exchange developed.
3rd Workshop at NIE, India:
Master Plan for SEAN-DEE to implement a common quality control system for Ms and Ph.D programs drafted.
4th Workshop at KUET, Bangladesh:
Road Map to joint international degrees in DEE among SEAN-DEE partners established, possibly new partner institutions joining SEAN-DEE.
For UNIKA to engage in a strong cooperation with the partners, a comprehensive exchange program has been developed together with the partners consisting of three main yearly activities, which are to be implemented during this project:

  1. Involving up to 4 UNIKA-professors in teaching the courses at the partner institutions that they have helped to develop in ReCEDEE.
  2. The SEAN-DEE lab at UNIKA, which brings up to 30 Master and Ph.D. students plus 4 professors from the network every year for two weeks to Kassel to learn about and engage in subject related laboratory work and foster their understanding of German culture and language. It will also improve the understanding of people working at UNIKA about South-East Asia and its varied cultures and thus help them to open up to more cooperation with scientist in this region.
  3. Medium term project related stays (3-5 months) at UNIKA of up to 9 Master and Ph.D.

students every year to engage in front line research, which will be of mutual benefit.