Prof. Dr. Mohammad Rafiqul Alam


Message from Vice-Chancellor

The Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology (CUET) started its journey with the core mission of developing quality human resources in the field of engineering and technology to serve the nation and the world. It has been accumulating this kudos over the period of 56 years since its inception as engineering college in 1968. At present, the university has 18 departments and 4 research institutes. About 920 undergraduate students get admission into 12 degree awarding departments every year and the post-graduate programs (M.Sc, M.Sc Engg., M.Engg., M.Phill., Ph.D) are running under 11 departments.

To fulfill our central mission, we are inducing the brightest students in our undergraduate academic programs, through highly competitive admission test. Academic programs are complemented with the commitment to provide our students a global career by the frequently updated curricula. In addition to our dedicated faculty, the students are able to gather hands-on industry's experience as CUET is enjoying geographical advantages as the solitary engineering university at the south-east region of the country. Chittagong region holds its eminence for the country's premier sea-port, myriad of heavy and light industries.

In addition, we are equally putting emphasis on joint collaboration in research programs with the number of internationally leading universities and institutions. As a disaster prone & riverine country, we have already started research based post-graduate program in disaster engineering and management, earthquake engineering research institute and river, harbor & environmental science institute. Nevertheless, CUET is invariably focusing on more industry-academia relationships for the sake of invention and building leadership. I am pleased to apprise you that our alumni are now at the helm of significant number of prestigious national and international positions.

More importantly, we have taken strategic development plan to set up total 21 departments, 4 institutes, 9 directorates and 1 central research-lab by the year 2032. As Vice Chancellor, I cordially invite our alumni, donor agencies/organizations, philanthropists and industrialists to join us in order to fully harness the potentiality of CUET and thus to contribute to the nation's socio-economic development as well as the progress of mankind.

Finally, I look forward to warm welcoming you at naturally pristine CUET campus.