Comptroller Office

Welcome to Comptroller Office

Welcome to our Comptroller Office

Comptroller office is one of the key points in any university. In a single word the function of this office is like the blood of the body. At Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology (CUET), the office of the comptroller maintain all kinds of financial activities of the university. It is located on the ground floor of the new administrative Building of CUET. Comptroller office of CUET consists of following sections:

Fund, Cash & Welfare:

Fund: Pension fund, benevolent fund, and all other fund are maintained by this section. This section also take necessary action to invest the idle fund of the university.

Cash: Disburse and recording all types of payment by issuing checks. Cash section also maintain petty cash, prepare bank reconciliation & make various account up to date.

Welfare: Various welfare funds are maintained by this section. This section is also doing all welfare work which is related with comptroller office. 

Salaries & Allowance:

Salaries & allowance section prepare salaries of teachers, officers and staff of the University. All types of TA/DA, Exam bill, General provident fund are also prepared and maintained by this section.

Bill & Student Affairs:

All types of contractor bill, utilities bill, advance bill & many more bills are checked and prepared from this section. Student’s scholarship, student’s stipend, student collections and others student related activities are maintained by this section.

Finance & Budget:

Prepared yearly budget and submit that’s to UGC to get the annual grant. All types of accounts, reporting, receipts & payments are prepared and maintained by finance section. It also takes necessary action to submit any kinds of report to UGC by asking the commission.

MIS & IT Section :

The monthly salary bill of Teachers, Officers and Staffs are generated with the aid of the computer support section. Computer support section develops and maintains necessary customized accounting software to prepare monthly salary bill, Pension bill, benevolent bill, student scholarship bill, advanced payment & advance adjustment and so on.

Despatch Section:

All the incoming letters, bills and files are received and distributed to the different section by this section. At the same time all outgoing letters and files are dispatched by this section.

Md. Shafiqul Islam