International Journal of Integrated Sciences & Technology

1. A. S. M. Nasim, G. R. Khan, K. A. Erfan and A. S. Mollah                                                                                                                      1-6 Download
Study on processing and validation of ENDF/B-VIII nuclear data library by criticality benchmark of PWR pin cells using NJOY21 and OpenMC
2. G. R. Khan, A. S. M. Nasim, K. A. Erfan and A. S. Mollah                       7-13 Download
Verification of Monte Carlo Code OpenMC using VVER-1000 MOX Fuel Assembly against Criticality Benchmark Data
3.M. M. Rabby, M. Ghosh, S. Z. Ali and K. S. Nowaz                                14-25 Download
A Comparative Numerical Study of High-Efficiency Lead Halide and Tin Halide Perovskite Solar Cell Based on Different Hole Transport Materials
4. J. Hossain, A. T. M. S. Azam, M. A. Khatun and M. Rafiuddin                                                                         26-33 Download
Comparison of Diurnal Variation of Rainfall of GSMaP and Rain Gauge Data in Bangladesh
5. S. A. Iqbal, M. G. Hafez and Asaduzzaman                                                                                                        34-39 Download
Optical plane waves solution with bifurcation behaviors and chaotic motion for resonant time-fractional nonlinear Schrödinger equation having Kerr law
6. A. Islam, R. Nushrat, T. A. Rahim and A. S. Mollah                                                                                                                                                            40-44 Download
Modeling and Validation of IAEA 3D PWR Benchmark Problem Using COMSOL Multiphysics Code
7. A. Khatun, I. Tasnim, M. R. Alam                                         45-51 Download
Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting from Raindrop Impacts in the Context of Bangladesh
8. A. Hossain, M. M. Rahman, M. Kamal                                          52-61 Download
Study of the radiological dose rates and hazard indices in soil samples collected from Northern part of Chittagong City Corporation, Chittagong, Bangladesh
Munshiganj in Dhaka, Bangladesh
9. Rahimuddim, M. Rahman, M. S. Islam, M. A. Sattar, M. A. Halim, M. N. I. Khan, S. Tabassum                                          62-68 Download
Effect of Cu doping on the Optical and Electrical properties of Thermal Spray Pyrolyzed ZnO Thin Films

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