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Welcome to the Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering

Materials Science & Engineering (MSE) is going to commence its journey with 30 undergraduate students from session 2019-2020. The department is concerned with the dissemination knowledge and creation of materials with novel properties and their use in a variety of fields. Nowadays, the advancement of engineering is increasingly dependent on breakthroughs in materials at the micro- and nanometer scale. Students in MSE will acquire a solid background in the basic sciences and in the engineering of materials, with hands-on laboratory experience in materials characterization and processing. This program prepares graduates for a variety of careers in fields such as nanotechnology, electronics, computing, the biomedical, automotive and aerospace industries, as well as research institutions/laboratories.

Our departmental vision is to promote the individual growth of our talented and creative students so that they may then continue to push the field to ever more useful advances.

We have an aim to involve in developing new materials that deal with critical issues of the society including energy, sustainability, and health care.

We encourage interested students and others to visit and experience the excitement and enthusiasm so evident in our entire department.

I hope that you will be excited by the forward-looking and optimistic vision developed by this Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

Dr. Md. Arafat Rahman


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