Md. Basir Zisan
Assistant Professor
Field of Interest

Earthquake Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, Seismic Isolation and Seismic Retrofitting, Low Cost Isolation System, Bridge Vehicle Interaction


B.Sc. in CUET

M. Engg. Hokkaido Uni., Japan

PhD Candidate, DPRI, Kyoto Uni., Japan

Course Taught

Mechanics of Solid-I (CE-201), Mechanics of Solid-II (CE-213)

Mechanics of Solid –I (CWRE-285), Mechanics of Solid –II (CWRE-385), Design of Concrete Structure-I, 

Serial NoTitleAuthorsInformationsYear
1AJSE, SpringerMd. Mamun Hossain1, Md. Basir Zisan2 and Md. Naimul Haque3Analysis for Distortion-Induced Stress and Retrofitting Technique for Curve Twin-I Girder Composite Bridge2018
2Journal of Structural Eng, JSCEMd Basir ZISAN*, Toshiro HAYASHIKAWA**, Takashi MATSUMOTO*** and Xingwen HE****Dynamic response and distortion-stress in curved multi-girder bridges subjected to high-speed moving vehicles.2015